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My primary website was down for a couple of days, but now it’s back up.


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[update 8/30/07 15:56:02 GMT] According to Reuters, witnesses have confirmed Afghan Taliban free 4 more Korean hostages and TALIBAN FREE THE THREE REMAINING KOREAN HOSTAGES IN AFGHANISTAN! AP wire reports Final South Korean Hostages Freed.”


Let us

  • thank God for their release,
  • pray for the recovery of the hostages as their reintegrate into their lives,
  • pray for the the families and friends of those who were murdered, and
  • and pray that evangelism would not stop in Afghanistan.

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markroberts.jpgAuthor and well-known pastor-blogger Mark D. Roberts has announced that he is resigning his position at Irvine Presbyterian Church to become Senior Director and Scholar-in-Residence at Laity Lodge in Kerrville, TX.

In addition to his practical pastoral experience, Mark definitely has the academic credentials for such a position with a B.A. in philosophy, a M.A. in the Study of Religion, and a Ph.D. in New Testament and Christian Origins, all from Harvard. And he’s a fine writer; I’m now in the process of reading his book Can We Trust the Gospels? It’s a clear introduction to the topic with an apologetic focus.

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“QALA-E-KAZI, Afghanistan – Taliban militants released eight South Korean hostages on Wednesday, the first of 19 captives scheduled to be freed under a deal struck between the insurgents and the South Korean government.”

full story

Pls continue to pray.

Wikipedia background to the crisis

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By now you might have seen the video of the beauty pageant contestant poorly answering a question. Surely an embarrassing moment. And it’s easy to two-dimensionalize this young woman into merely a joke. But just as you and I are not to be defined by our greatest failure, our most embarrassing moment, or our greatest weakness, so also this young woman is more than a funny video we blog about or a humorous note we email our friends.

You have to be impressed by the poise with which Lauren Caitlin Upton, Miss Teen South Carolina, has handled herself in the aftermath. Interviewed Tuesday on NBC’s Today Show, Ms. Upton remarked,”Everything did come at me at once. I was overwhelmed and I made a mistake. Everybody makes a mistake. I’m human. I seriously think I only heard about one or two words of the actual question.”

The Associated Press story continues:

“Upton’s former principal Creig Tyler remembered her as a well-rounded student.

‘She took college-prep and honors courses and performed well,’ Tyler told The (Columbia) State newspaper.”

Ms. Upton’s remarks reminds me of a George Stephanopoulos’ story, which I’ve mentioned before). He tells it in his wonderful memoir of his White House years – All Too Human.

President Clinton had decided that he no longer wished for Stephanopoulos to be his communications director. This really threw Stephanopoulos for a loop. But he received some sage advise from Rep. Tony Coelho:

“Nobody will remember what happened to you. They’ll remember how you handled it.”

By all accounts Ms. Upton is handling her mistake well and this is how we should remember her.

It is a great tragedy when we allow ourselves to be defined by our failures and perhaps a greater tragedy when we define others that way.

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Taliban insurgents said on Tuesday they would release 19 South Korean Christian volunteers they have been holding for nearly six weeks.”

Earlier South Korea‘s presidential Blue House issued a statement saying the agreement was on condition it withdraw its troops from Afghanistan within the year and stopped its nationals doing missionary work there.”

Please keep praying.

full Reuters story

– also see the Christian Post story

background to the crisis on wikipedia

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UPDATE:  I had the wrong picture!  The real Kenny is pictured below!

My Baltimore breakfast buddy, Johns Hopkins Ph.D. candidate (Philosophy,History), and all around great Canadian friend Kenny Sheppard has redesigned prolegomena ; take a look!


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