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Is anyone aware of any Christian online microfinance site that operates like Kiva?


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“”For most of human history, erotic images have been reflections of, or celebrations of, or substitutes for, real naked women. For the first time in human history, the images’ power and allure have supplanted that of real naked women. Today, real naked women are just bad porn.”

Naomi Wolf – “The Porn Myth

ht: Phil Ryken

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I just discovered that The Bible Experience is available now for download here!  The New Testament was released last year, but until now you couldn’t get it in the Old Testament.

Beth and I have very much enjoyed this Audio Bible in the Today’s New international Version since it first came out. I had posted about it before here.


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Tim Bednar, the founder of Turtle Interactive, reviews LifeChurch.tv‘s new YouVersion Bible,which has just been released in a beta version, on Leadership Network’s Digital Blog.

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Bobby Gruenewald announces:

“Three months have quickly passed since we revealed the concept of YouVersion.com – a free online Bible that connects the interactivity of Web 2.0 with the timeless truths of scripture. After several stages of Alpha testing and one Private Beta release, we are excited to announce the Public Beta version is now LIVE and ready for you to explore!

Simply go to YouVersion.com to see how it works. Everything is free and will remain free, but to interact with some of the personalized features you’ll need to go through a simple registration process.

Here is what you can do with YouVersion in this release:

• Search for scripture, jump to a book/chapter/verse, or scroll through our Bible Reader
• Star verses and content
• Tag verses and content
• Contribute and/or associate images, videos, links, and text to verses or series of verses
• Start journaling in the “My Journal” feature
• See what others are sharing
• Email items to your friends and family
• Rate content
• And so much more…”

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david crowder band’s remedy is up to #4 on iTunes.


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Over on Leadership Network’s Digital’s blog, I’ve posted a couple of brief pieces exploring how technology might helpfully inform a new model of spiritual leadership formation.

I’m on the Leadership Development Team in my church and we are in the second year of executing our own program for leadership development.

The heart of our approach is the Coach – Leader or Mentor – Protege relationship. Their one-on-one meetings are the most important thing that happens. Supplementing those meetings and relationships are workshops that we offer once a month for all the Coaches and the Leaders. The workshops are interactive and participatory and they should end with both practical and learning assignments that are to be executed by the leaders as they discuss them with their coaches. We aren’t doing much yet in the area of online training, though I envision a future where we’ll have both live workshops (only the ones that are really kick-butt) and online training as well.

We don’t have this down yet, but I do think we have a good beginning. The primary challenge for us in achieving excellence, in my opinion, is developing and nurturing a greater be one/make one leadership culture where everyone who is a leader is bringing someone alongside themselves. Along these lines, one element I’d like to see us add next year is role-based shadowing. And, finally, though we do have one theological cohort with both staff and lay leaders, I think that we need to be more intentional about theological education.

But I do think that we have made a good beginning at a more holistic approach to leadership formation than the typically nearly exclusive information transfer type training I’ve been a part of in the past.

Here are some one page summaries of our approach:

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